Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Making a functional space lovely

I work from home, this is both a blessing and a challenge. Usually, I would sit at my kitchen table spreading out my work materials, trying to stack them back up before dinner and stash them somewhere. My husband set up a small sewing table in our bedroom to give me a space of my own. It was very useful but...well, you see:

For several months I tolerated this eyesore (however functional) in my bedroom. I am a firm believer the master bedroom should be a refuge, a place that is lovely. I would prefer, even, for it not to be a workspace- but it is what it is. So I found a piece of furniture that would fit the space and match our bedroom - and waited and waited until we had the money that wasn't more needed for other things. We shall call this time frame: never.

So I took a cue from the window-mistreatment ladies who do lovely things with fabric and hot-glue guns. I bought 2 yards of fabric on sale for a grand total of $7! I needed more like 2.5 yards, but you live and learn. A little hot glue to attach the fabric, a split in the middle to make room for my legs, a little bit of trim to tie it in to my window mis-treatments, and voila. It blends, it hides my cords, and I have topped it with a lovely sewing box instead of a pile of papers.

My bedroom has returned to a place that can be clean, neat, and lovely- where we can rest, relax and enjoy.

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