Friday, May 8, 2009

3 Day Bathroom Facelift COMPLETE!

Ladies, I post this project in hopes that I can encourage you not to fear taking on the projects that seem too big. If there is something in your home you dislike every time you look at it, get creative and consider what you can do about it that won't break the budget.

I did this in 3 days. 2 hours the first night prepping and priming, 4 hours (and a VERY late night number two painting walls and cabinets, installing my new light fixture, cleaning and spraying my hardware and framing out my plain mirror. On the last day, during my kiddo's naps I painted the second coat on the cabinets and trim, changed out my faucet and put all the doors and hardware back on.

Here is before and after!

I find installing light fixtures is extremely rewarding! It just seems like a job that should be hard, but it's not. Just make sure that you turn off the power FIRST. Changing out a faucet is mildly more tricky, but read how to do it and you can!

But I want to focus on one of my FAVORITE of tricks for making over anything in your home. The key is textured black spray paint. It is made for metal or plastic and can make anything look like wrought iron.

On this particular project you can see I used it to spray the light switch plates, the hardware on the cabinet and the toilet paper and towel bar.

I have used it to spray a full trundle bed that was shiny white, brass lamps, all the hardware in my kitchen, decorative items found at garage sales and all my switch plates.

The next cheap and transforming project: Staining Grout...

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