Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Making Quick, Beautiful, and Easy Curtains

Step 1: Buy fabric you LOVE. I purchased mine at a local fabric store on sale for $32. I bought 5 yards – 2.5 yards per window. To pick out fabric that I LOVED, I brought a picture of our baby bedding off of its package to the fabric store. That way I was able to find fabric that went perfectly with our baby bedding and made it easy to ask three strangers what they thought. It’s always nice to bounce ideas off of other ladies!

Step 2: Buy the hardware. I bought two curtain rods at Target for $10 each (I used a gift card), and from the fabric store I bought a package of 10 clip rings which were 50% off making them $5.

Step 3: Sweetly ask your husband to install the curtain rods. I suppose I could have done this myself, but he took pity on me since I’m 8 months

pregnant. Love him!

Step 4: Cut the fabric in half. I needed two identical pieces of fabric for each window so all I did was fold it in half and cut at the fold. Easy peasy.

Step 5: Iron the fabric. It will look better – trust me.

Step 6: Place the clip rings on the curtain rods. I used 5 clips per rod.

Step 7: Take one panel of fabric and fold the top of it (the part that will attach to the clip rings) down and away from the good side of the fabric. Fold it about one inch.

Step 8: With the same panel, fold the left and right side in about one to two inches, and then again, so as to hide the cut edge from peering eyes.

Step 9: Attach the fabric to the clip rings so that there is an equal amount of fabric per clip ring.

Step 10: Repeat for any additional windows.

Step 11: Admire your handiwork.

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