Monday, June 8, 2009

Great desserts with in-season-fruit

I want to challenge you to buy whatever fresh fruit is on sale at your grocery store this week and try making an easy, homemade(ish) dessert. Impress your friends, family or spouse and enjoy a serving or two yourself!

I think I have figured out why our grandmothers made fruit pies...take just about any fruit, add some sugar, a little butter and cook. You have an amazing dessert.

Here are two of my favorites, easy, quick and always impress.

#1- Using refrigerated pie crust. I buy my store's brand or Pillsbury if I have coupons. They come 2 to a package.

Simply roll one out in a pie pan, lay out slices of your favorite in season or on-sale fruit in a pinwheel pattern and fold over the edges. Slice a few thin tabs of butter around, sprinkle some brown sugar on top and bake according to pie crust directions. The fruit will get soft, serve with a little whipped cream.

I have done this with apples, peaches and strawberries, all amazing! You may have to adjust the time a bit for the type of fruit, apples longer, peaches shorter.

This is a more substantial dessert due to an oatmeal topping. This is not my recipe, so I won't take credit.

I found this searching for a recipe last fall using pomegranates since they were in peak season.
It was tasty and I had lots of requests for the recipe. I also used this recipe this summer with a bag of fresh sweet cherries. It took a bit of time I admit to pit the cherries, but it was amazing. Serve with vanilla ice cream. I also did it with peaches, not quite as good, but still tasty.

So pick a fresh fruit and try a homemade treat.

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