Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm a romantic after all

I generally do not consider myself much of a romantic. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the occasional chick flick and decent book, but as a rule, I find most romance stories either too silly to resemble real relationships or so realistic that I'm not very inspired.

But I have been reading a memoir that has captured me, and all of the dreamy romanticism that a girl could hope for.

Except the romance is between a woman and a house. The journey of a place, it's history, renovating inch by inch, making a home and don't forget...the food. I cannot express the dreamy far off feelings I get as I read about the adventure of moving to somewhere so far away, restoring and uncovering an ancient home brick by brick and learning to be at home there.

I recently came across a blog of a real-live couple that is doing this very thing in France instead of Italy. It's a beautiful blog, I have linked to the particular posts relating to the historic foreign home renovation.

I can not imagine having the guts to do this, and with young children! But what a dream...not only to make something lovely, but to uncover hundreds of years of history as you restore rather than renovate a home with more history than most of us imagine in such a young nation!

Maybe you are like me and something about the beauty of timeless architecture and things that last draw you in a peculiar way. If so, you'll enjoy this book and blog as much as I have.

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