Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Decorating Mantra

This is a picture of my laundry space. It's just off the entrance to the garage, across from a half-bath and enclosed with two doors that fold back to conceal it. One day I felt the urge to paint the area - my husband suggested the same pale blue as the half-bath, for consistency's sake. Once painted, I loved the way the once-dull washer and dryer looked against the blue background. I added buckets I found at Ikea and a postcard a friend had given me once when I recounted my experience of taking ballet in college and the first time we used the barre. Everytime I look at the postcard I think of my friend, and my ballet experience.

I have found that although small details like those in my laundry area may seem insignificant, they can have a big impact on the overall feel of your home. In every room in my house, I try to add small, personal touches that are meaningful to me and put my "stamp" on the finished product. I try to not brush off an idea, even if it may seem small and silly, because those are the things that make a room - and in turn, your whole house - uniquely yours.
With this thought in mind, I have come up with the phrase, "Unexpected details in unexpected places" as my overall goal for decorating my home. My laundry space is the perfect illustration of this phrase, which is why I share it with you today. Another example - I am looking for a small chandelier to hang in the walk-in closet in my bedroom. I want something almost like you would hang in a child's room - not big at all. About a year ago I painted the closet a creamy color and touched up the trim with white paint, and it's really quite lovely now (for a closet!). I think a chandelier would be the perfect finishing touch and, although silly to some (including my husband), to me it makes even a closet feel special and makes getting dressed into an event.

So good luck to you in incorporating personal details throughout your home!

On another note, I mentioned previously that I had a list of projects I was hoping to work my way through over the summer. Yesterday I checked two off my list: 1) cleaning fan blades and soaking the glass globes around the light bulbs to get all the dirt off and 2) cleaning behind the refridgerator. Both are not part of my normal cleaning routine, but boy - it was time! The refridgerator was especially gross and when I pulled the refridgerator out from the wall and got a look at the sides, those could use a good wipe down too! We're talking some major grime!

I'm glad I did both chores so now I can forget about them until a few summers from now when I put it on another project list!

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