Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Front Porch Makeover - Part I

While I am on maternity leave my big project (other than adjusting to motherhood) is to give my front porch a makeover. My porch is absolutely disgusting. I hate it. I never want to spend time on it and it is definitely an eyesore. My goal is to make my front porch a warm and inviting place that my family and friends could use.

Here are my plans to give my front porch a makeover:
  1. Clean it. This may require me to buy a new vacuum cleaner as mine conked out on me yesterday.
  2. Sand and paint the walls that are not part of the siding of our house.
  3. Get rid of the nasty carpet and hopefully find something better.
  4. Either fix/clean/re-do the furniture we have out there or buy something better.
  5. Paint my front door. Any color suggestions? The outside of my house has white shingles with brown trim and the lower half is red/brown brick.
  6. Hang some flowering plants.
Here are some photos so you can see the eyesore that I'm working with. :)

I'm thinking it has potential.

Yes, that is a Christmas decoration. Shame, shame, shame on me. I could lie and say I just put it up for Christmas in July... Yes, I think I'll go with that.



I have my work cut out for me. I'll keep you posted (no pun intended).



  1. We're doing the same thing! There's some great floor paints to use... we've had a recommendation to paint an area rug on ours... not sure if I'll do it or not.

    I always love a red door, by the way. Always classy. :)

    And if you love to spend time on your porch like we do, invest in a porch swing or rocker... makes it that much nicer to be outside. :)

    -Erin Geiger

  2. Shame on you for that wreath!! Oh the horror.

    Red door for sure.

    Furinture has much potential. I can give you the names of some furniture repair and finishers that are very reasonable. Peter and I are doing the same thing right now for our back porch.