Friday, July 17, 2009

New Project - Chair Makeover!

I found these two chairs today at an estate sale. First, I am so excited about saying I found something at an estate sale! I always see in magazines these amazing pieces of furniture or art that are from estate sales or thrift stores - I never get that lucky!

They are both a little beat up and in need of some TLC (and paint!), but I am very excited about the prospects. I think I will paint the one with the upholstered seat black and cover the cushion with some fabric I have been eyeing lately. The other I think I will paint white and put it in my sewing room...the desk up there is in need of a chair, and all the other furniture is white. Of course, maybe I will do something crazy and paint it a fun bright color.

I am open to suggestions and will post pictures once they have been made over!

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