Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wall Decor - Part 1: Fabric

I know I mentioned in a previous post how I am always looking for pieces to hang on my walls, especially if they are cheap or it's something I can make myself. I am starting a series of wall covering posts to get the creative juices flowing for you. Please share your suggestions with me!

This first post is about using fabric as a wall covering. This picture is from my house and shows two framed pieces of fabric. The coral is embroidered on the muslin-looking fabric - it has really great texture and you don't realize it's fabric until you get up close to it, which is a fun surprise. These were super-easy to make and pretty cheap, since I didn't have to buy that much of the fabric to get these two scenes. In framing fabric, you can do like I did and frame two separate pieces, or frame one big piece if the colors are really gorgeous. Or frame a series of fabrics that are either all the same or are different and compliment your room. The possibilities are endless!

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  1. I am so excited about this series of posts. We just got two bookshelves to flank our tv/cabinet and I need something to go above it, but I don't want anything too busy since it's with the tv. Not to mention, I'd like for it to be cheap and easy! I'm keeping an eye out for your ideas, thanks KM!