Friday, August 28, 2009

Wall Decor - Part 4: Your Own Photography

This picture hangs in my bathroom and I love to look at it. I took it a number of years ago on my birthday, when I was up in North Carolina and my parents came to visit me and we ate my Birthday Dinner at a place called the Esmerelda Inn. How fun to remember all that just by looking at this picture!

I am by no means an expert photographer. This picture was taken with a Nikon camera on regular film - nothing fancy. Later I took the picture and blew it up at one of those Kodak kiosks in a drug store and converted it to black and white. I discovered by blowing it up and changing the color, it really brought out the rain drops on the hydrangea petals. Add a black frame and this looks like real artwork!

There are so many computer programs out there that let you manipulate pictures that YOU took to make them into your own artwork. Try it out - it's much cheaper than buying something professional and you can say when people compliment it, "Oh that...I took that a few years ago on my birthday..."

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