Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wall Decor #6

Am I allowed to do #6 if 1-5 weren't my posts? Well...again I was inspired by KM's series and I finally did something with a very naked wall in my living room! Here is said wall BEFORE and AFTER:

So I decided to go the fabric route. Total cost: $17!!!
That's right, $17 bucks.
One yard of fabric: $7 from JoAnn Fabrics
7 poplar sticks 1/2" square, 3 ft long (in the same aisle as dowels at Lowe's.) Don't buy these at the craft store, they are far more expensive than $1.44 ea.

The cool part of this project is you can make it to fit any area with squares or rectangles.

Step 1 - Use paper (I used wrapping paper) and painters tape to determine shape, size and placement of your design
Step 2 - Cut wood pieces accordingly, use wood glue to attach and staples at corners to secure your structures while they dry
Step 3 - Staple your fabric along one side of structure, then opposite
Step 4 - Fold and staple corners like you are wrapping a package
Step 5 - VOILA! Hang in place of your paper. The nicest part is they are very light weight and have a frame so you can just use straight nails. I used a level and put 3 straight nails in a level line for the large piece and 2 for the small. This way I could just scoot them left or right until it was just right.

Goodbye big empty wall. Hello thrifty, homemade wall art!

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