Monday, September 14, 2009

Wall Decor - Part 5: Mirrors

I think decorating with mirrors is pretty fool-proof. For one, who doesn't enjoy a well-placed mirror to check their hair/outfit/face before running out the door or answering the door when the bell rings? Also - it is almost like a window that you can place wherever you want. You don't have to worry about it "matching" anything and can even make a room look bigger because it bounces around the lights and colors of the room.

Below is my friend Shannon's gorgeous living room. These mirrors are perfect - I love how each is different and it looks like a collection she compiled over time. I think details like these are what add "layers" to any room - instead of a room looking like you went to a furniture store, picked out a room where everything matched and brought it home, decorating in layers takes time, but also gives a room so much depth.

When I first wanted to post about mirrors, I realized I only had one such example in my own house (hence hijacking Shannon's living room for the purpose of this post). These mirrors I found at a great home/antique shop in town. I have heard you should always display items in odd numbers, so I purchased three and used ribbon to hang them in our guest bathroom (notice my new train rack reflecting!). If you have a collection of small hand mirrors that don't match - even better!

Again, I love decorating with mirrors because you can't go wrong. How easy is that?! And thanks to Shannon for letting me borrow her mirrored wall...she has a great house, so I may post more pictures from her house soon!

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