Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ceiling fan makover

I hate having a part of my home that I think ugly things about every time I look at it. I have had 2 years of ugly feelings toward this fan and its partner which hang over my living room.

I thought I had 2 options. Either spend $100+ each to replace them or attempt to take them down (from super high cathedral ceilings!), take it apart (hoping to reassemble correctly), and spray the metal with a wrought iron finish.

Now maybe you understand why I let this go 2 years! But my super-duper mom was visiting and suggested an easier solution.

We simply bought new globes for the lights from Wal-Mart where they were $4 each instead of $6-7 at Lowe's and HD. And a can of high quality flat black spray paint (again cheaper at Wal-Mart) and went to work.

The finished product was well worth the $35 it cost to re-do both fixtures, don't you think?

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