Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas is around the corner! - Part 1

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? Now I know, I know, many of you hate seeing the red & green aisles in October, but I tend to be more plagued with the Come & Gone syndrome. I feel like I'm packing it up before I ever get to enjoy it! is a short series to help you enjoy this season a little more slowly and be better prepared for next year.

Part 1 - Giving Great Gifts

There are 3 questions we run into each Christmas:

1. What do I get for him/her?
2. Who have I forgotten?
3. How much have I spent?

Remember the binder I keep in my kitchen? Use this year round to be ready for Christmas and within your budget! This is a simple task, have a section for the Holidays and a piece of notebook paper for gifts.

Keep a running list of people you need to buy for as well as a target dollar amount. You can also make notes through the year of things they have mentioned they might like or ideas you have for them.

When you find a great sale (even if it's in April) don't be afraid to buy a great gift and stash it away. Just make sure you notate what you bought and who it is for, and if you are like me, where you hid it away!

Just wait, when the tree goes up you will already have most of your presents to go under the tree and without the week-before-Christmas stress, you'll be able to wrap them and tag them and place them below to look lovely all month.

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