Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas is around the corner! - Part 2

Part 2 - Decorating with Self-Control

I have a serious problem, I love all the beautiful things that come out around the Holidays and I want to walk into every store, give in to the perfect display and buy whatever they are advertising. Needless to say, we can spend a fortune!

(Here are some examples of my current temptations from Ballard Designs.)

So I'm making myself a promise this year, and maybe you can join me. I'm not going to buy anything (Other than a fresh Christmas tree) until after Christmas.

Place your decorations around your home, enjoy them this year. And make a list, if there is an area that is seriously lonely, write down where and if necessary take measurements. Then wait for those After-Christmas steals to get yourself something lovely that you can enjoy for many years to come without busting an already tight December budget.

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