Monday, November 9, 2009

Have you ever thought to clean...

...the OUTSIDE of your house?

A few weekends ago, when the weather was nice and I didn't break into a sweat upon stepping outdoors, my husband and I did some much-needed work in our very neglected yard. We raked, pulled weeds, he mowed - we saw so much progress in one afternoon! Something I tackled while we were outside was cleaning the exterior of my house.

Here's what I did: I took a big bucket of warm water and several of the rags I'd made to replace sponges, and got to work cleaning window sills and shutters and dusting off my front door . It almost looked like it had gotten a new coat of paint! There had been so much pollen build-up from the last several springs that I had never wiped away, and what a difference it made to have that stuff gone!

I also took a stack of newspapers and a spray bottle of a water-and-vinegar mixture and cleaned the outside windows on the bottom floor. This made a huge difference too. Lastly I took a broom and swept away any cobwebs that were lurking in the corners of the porch.

It's amazing how dirty the outside of your house can get! You really don't realize what a difference it makes to have all that crud gone until it's actually...gone. Short of renting a pressure washer, this seemed like a great first step towards improving and maintaining my house's exterior. Also, this chore can help you inspect areas of your house that maybe you wouldn't spend a lot of time looking at - I found a few shutters that needed their screws tightened to keep them in place, for example.

Hopefully I can make this an annual event each fall, after all the pollen from the spring and summer has passed!

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