Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas is around the corner! - Part 3

Hosting Friends and Family - Part 1

An empty house just doesn't feel right at Christmas time. I love having a home full of people celebrating the holidays. I even enjoy doing it at my home, but there is not question it can be stressful. The best defense against holiday stress? A good list. (Don't I always say a list?)

The biggest saving grace I have found when doing Christmas at my home is a freezer and a menu.

Plan for every day people will be at your house, type it, print it and stick it on your fridge. I included not only what the meal was, but what needed to happen (ie. take out X from freezer, place in crock pot) so that I could look at it each day and prepare for the next. Also, it made it easy for guests to help cook. I put the recipes/cooking instructions on a second sheet and when my mom said "let me cook tonight and give you a break," I was able to accept gladly.

For the two weeks before guests arrive, begin your cooking. When you plan well and have time, you don't have to be crazy. Cook a couple of soups and freeze them in zipper bags. Bake some breakfast breads that can be thawed and set out easily each morning. Buy the fish or meats on sale and go ahead and make the marinades so that you can freeze them in it. Make your freeze ahead grocery list and a 'just before arrival' list. And just to be safe that the crazy is kept at bay, make sure to add a pizza night :)

I took this picture from which has some neat Christmas recipes for your winning Christmas menu.

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