Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas traditions

I LOVE Christmas time, and I have high hopes of having family traditions that my kids look forward to each year and remember when they are grown. Fortunately, they are still little, so I have some time to plan. My son is under 2 and my daughter is a little-bitty so next year we will begin?

I have never been big on decorating cookies, probably I've only done store bought sugar-cookie dough and icing with sprinkles and such. Then I met Kristi. Check out here site: Sweet Celebrations by Kristi. If you are a Tallahassee local, you should seriously consider ordering some of her tasty and gorgeous treats for your next event. I am picturing them as wedding favors (they are individually wrapped) or a tray full for a shower or Christmas party.

They are so pretty and tasty. So that's my plug, Kristi, will you teach me to make pretty cookies so I can do them with my kids for years to come?

What are your family traditions this time of year?

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