Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Have you ever thought to clean...

...the door of your refridgerator?

I did this a few weeks ago and whew! - I could stock an entire condiments aisle with the bottles and jars I tossed (err, recycled)! Seriously, how did I let that area get so out of control? You know how people say the dryer eats socks? I think somehow the refridgerator door produces new bottles. At one point, as I pulled another bottle of some substance I never remember buying and have never used, I thought to myself: "Is there any way that these bottles are procreating?" How else would I get White Wine Worchester sauce? (Duh, you combine white cooking wine with Worchester sauce!)

Also, it's 2009. We moved into our house in 2007. I had bottles that expired in 2005. That means we moved expired bottles from one location to another. Maybe this isn't so nuts, since we were only moving across town and at that point I wasn't even paying attention anymore and just tossing stuff into boxes and bags to get it moved. But why would it have taken me Two Additional Years to realize this? Why?

And who knew bottles could get so dirty and leave little rings and drips everywhere? I don't remember ever having spaghetti sauce explode in my refridgerator (hello? husband?), but yet it was on. every. shelf. And how did cat hair get into my refridgerator? Who knew dust could accumulate in a refridgerator? The whole experience was baffling.

Seriously, run to your refridgerator. Open the door. Purge. You will feel so organized and accomplished (and maybe slightly disgusted with what you find)!

Happy cleaning!

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