Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wall Decor - Part 8: Shadowboxes

And you thought this series was over! No way! After taking some time off to enjoy the holidays, this series is back on!

I think shadowboxes are a really interesting way to display family artifacts that keeps your home clutter-free. We all have those little knick knacks that are important to us or are meaningful to our family - but what to do with them? If you want to display them and they don't easily fit into a standard picture frame, shadowboxes are awesome! And I say they keep your house clutter-free because your objets d' arte are contained behind glass instead of gathering dust on a table or shelf somewhere. Also, shadowboxes let you combine both pictures and 3D objects.

This is a shadowbox I made several years ago after our wedding. We had my husband's boutonniere that had dried really beautifully and a picture of my mom pinning it on him. I combined that with some luggage tags from the reception and a few more pictures and voila! - instant memories.

You could use a shadowbox to display all kinds of things: an abandoned bird's nest you found out on a walk, ticket stubs/photos from a vacation, a bringing home baby outfit with hospital bracelets and photographs - seriously, the possibilities are endless.

Michael's has the best selection of shadowboxes that I have seen, but I've also seen them at Target and Joann's. The one in my picture came with several straight pins that I used to secure the boutonniere to the canvas backing, which was helpful. I used black photo squares to "frame" my pictures in the shadowbox and then attached the photos to the canvas using double-sided tape. Occasionally I have to go in and re-attach a photo square that has fallen off, but I feel like that kind of maintenance is minimal compared to the dusting I would have to do, or the finding a place to store the boutonniere without it getting crushed.

Obviously shadowboxes aren't for everyone - if you're not a big saver and you don't mind pitching family relics and just holding on to a photograph of it, that's fine too! But for those of us who want the Actual Object, I highly recommend shadowboxes!

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