Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clean Smart, Not Hard - 2nd Installment

The 1 Hour Once-Over

Once again, some methods I have learned (especially while having a house for sale and trying to keep it ready to "show") that helps keep my home neat and clean and frees up time for fun with my family.  Not to mention, it just keeps it easy!

Each week, I try to take out one hour on Monday and on Friday to do a quick once-over that makes my house neat and clean(ish) to start the week and start the weekend.  The key is keeping it to what you can do in 1 hour, rather than how long it takes you to do all these things.  If you work full time, once a week may be plenty.

Example list: (I start high and work my way down)
  • A feather dusting of all surfaces
  • Windex or Vinegar for french doors, mirrors and other surfaces that need a quick touch up like my guest bath sink, toilet or tub.  (Though this is not what I would use if I was just cleaning the bathroom it allows me to touch things up quickly)
  • Change out sheets 
  • Empty trash cans
  • Quick vacuum (I don't bother to move furniture etc.)
  • Quick steam mop of only biggest problem areas such as under our kitchen table
This of course assumes that you do some things daily already such as cleaning the kitchen immediately after meals, putting things in their place each day and making beds each morning.

For more thorough cleaning I spread my chores through the month and often used FlyLady's daily missions to knock out everything that needs to be done in the course of a month.

Happy cleaning.

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