Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Clean Smart, Not Hard

KM's posts on natural cleaning products have inspired me to do a few posts on cleaning methods.  I think most women are probably like myself and feel much more at rest when my home is neat and clean.  This desire used to cause me a lot of stress trying to find the large chunks of time I felt were necessary to clean my house and stole from precious free time with my family.

In the last couple of years I have learned some habits to maintain my home between deep cleans and keep it looking and feeling the way I like it.  Think of it like teeth cleaning, if you brush and floss regularly, the trip to the dentist is a lot less painful!

Today's topic: The Master Bathroom

The bathroom is one of those rooms that is just real icky when it gets dirty, and can be very time consuming to clean top to bottom because of all the tile.  So why clean it all at once?

I shower at night (you would too if you have sweet little bitties drooling and spitting up on you throughout the day).  I keep a couple of basic cleaners under my sink with a roll of paper towels (far right basket above.)  Each night before I get in the shower I grab the spray bottle and  few towels and wipe something down.  Sometimes the mirror or the sink, sometimes the toilet.  Once or twice a week I grab a used towel and some vinegar and give the shower a quick wipe down.  The bathroom always looks good.  I still have to pull out the big guns once a week to vacuum and mop the floor and scrub my shower floor, but the room requires less on those days, just like the dentist.

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