Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Assess those Assets!

Spring makes me want a change of wardrobe, well every change of seasons for that matter.  Which means I end up at the mall twice a year (there are only 2 seasons in Florida.)  Did you know mini-skirts are back 'in'.  I'm not kidding.  And one piece rompers too.  Below are straight from the Forever 21 website, you want them don't you?

This makes me think about the general lack of people considering how to best emphasize their best features.  What I mean is playing up those things that are your assets and not so much those things that are not.  I for one cannot wear a miniskirt, nor do I want to for that matter, but you have to have some seriously shapely legs to do anything with one.  I know the 90s mid-drift must be right around the corner which means lots of girls hanging out bellies that probably would do better concealed.

Have you ever tried to apply these same principles to your home?  What are the best features of your house, and how do you emphasize them?  Are there a handful of things you do when you are going to have company or someone calls on their way to drop in unexpectedly?

Our house faces a lovely lake, its one of the major reasons we bought the house.  So even though I have a 2 year old who CONSTANTLY puts his slimy hands on our back windows, I always give them a quick cleaning when people are coming and open all the blinds.  We have black granite tile counters.  If you have ever had shiny black granite you know it conveys one of two messages, either "I am shiny and reflective" or "I show fingerprints like it's nobody's business."  So a wipe down is the #2 thing I do before people step into my house.

Step back with a visitor's eyes and ask yourself what your home's greatest features are and play them up!

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