Saturday, April 3, 2010

He is Risen!

Easter is a special holiday, and I love to spend it with church family.  For me, Christmas and Thanksgiving are family holidays and I can't remember doing those apart from family except for our honeymoon.  But Easter is different.  As a kid, we had fun, hunted eggs, received baskets, but it wasn't until I became a Christian at 13 that it had real meaning to me.

Now I just marvel each year at the fact that God would humble himself to become man, and while I was still a wretched sinner to die a death that was meant for me and rise from the dead conquering death and sin and its penalty so I could live!  What an amazing gift that Jesus gave us for free on the cross.

So in that vein it is special to me to celebrate this most joyful holiday with friends who we are joined to because of Christ.  This year two families are joining us with their sweet little boys and it should be a blast.

Shame on me though!  I did not even think about decorating my table until yesterday and could not find decorations anywhere in my last ditch dash around town!  And I am glad because it made me dig a little deeper and get creative and I was thrilled with the result.

I raided my children's nursery and took the ducks and grass, pulled a remnant of fabric out of my sewing box for the runner, found the watering can candles in my candle stash and used simple twine to tie up the  place settings.

I am also using dessert as a decorative piece.  I used a potato peeler on 2 chocolate bars to create chocolate "grass" and piled it on top of my chocolate cake.  Finally I topped it with three of the eggs we decorated.

The recipe for the cake was from April 2010 Martha Stewart Living.  The article read that the food editors had deemed this recipe the "BEST" chocolate cake.  I can tell you from eating the fallen crumbles and licking the beater for the icing that I would rate it closer to "decent" chocolate cake.  WHICH MEANS...I have a new mission.  To find the best chocolate cake recipe.  So invite me to your party, I'll bring a cake, and if you are lucky, it might be good enough to make it into my best category.

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