Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love and Hate of Vines

I generally have strong unfriendly feelings toward climbing vines, and for good reason.  I have spent an hour every day for the last 3 weeks pulling weeds out of our flower beds where we so carefully put down landscaping fabric and mulch to keep weeds out.  But climbing vines...they don't require soil, just and inch of mulch to wind through and choke out my plants.
Last summer I was pregnant and allowing my son to play outside while I wrestled some vicious vines off of our azalea bushes.  I knew it was serious business when my little guy started pulling leaves off and making "UH!" noises, mimicking my efforts.

BUT, Savannah has lent me some romanticism toward climbing ivy.  I especially love it on stone steps covering the risers.  Aren't these lovely?

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