Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Imperfection

I've been pondering the title of this blog - Joyful Imperfection - for awhile now, and I wanted to do a post about my imperfections.  I want to make absolutely sure that you and I both know I am imperfect.  Unfortunately, this blog doesn't allow you to see me as a whole person - just the snippets that reflect from my posts.  So here are some of my imperfections:

I find it difficult to help my husband in the areas where he needs help.  I am quick to help him where I think he needs help, but I struggle to do the work it takes to be an effective help meet.  My husband is struggling to learn German all over again in order to finish his BA.  I should help him by making him flashcards or something, but I always find myself too busy to help him.  I'm working on this. :)

I completely dislike cleaning my pink bathroom.  I avoid cleaning it.  It's not on my radar or in my cleaning routine.  I  have mildew on the caulk around the tub.  I'm not really working on this. :)

I get jealous of people.  And bitter about their circumstances compared to mine.  I'm working on this. :)

Ok, I have to stop.  It's getting difficult to be humble.  Maybe I should try working on that.


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