Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Tending - Week 3

The highlight of my gardening week was finally attempting a smell test to determine if what I thought were basil and cilantro were in fact such.  Look at this thriving little basil bush.  I picked a leaf from each plant, rubbed it between my fingers and smelled them.  Wow, fresh from the garden really does smell sweeter.  I can't wait until these mature enough for me to cook with them!

I also decided it was time to attempt this "thinning" activity my seed packets called for.  The zinnia seeds were so small I basically scattered them wildly and figured I'd sort it out later.  Some of them were coming up awfully close together and crowding one of my zucchini plants so I began my thinning there. Here is before and after.

But I just could not STAND the thought of throwing away those sweet little flower plants!  So I tried my hand at transplanting.  The flower boxes in front of my driveway were nothing short of pathetic, so I emptied them, put in new potting soil and moved these babies in.  We'll see how they hold up.  I am hoping come summer there will be flowers everywhere!

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