Friday, May 21, 2010

Blame the Babies

If you have noticed, some of our blog contributors have been posting more or less, and if you are tired of hearing from me...well blame the babies ;)  KM is still learning the ropes of new mama-hood and Lindsey is starting a doula business.  Babies have caused some wonderful distractions for our bloggers.

This got me thinking how neat it is that we have 3 contributors on this blog with much in common, yet some very notable differences.  And these differences show up crystal clear in our approaches to birthing babies.

Lindsey has actually begun a business offering doula services and helping women learn how to focus and discover the resources women uniquely have to experience the birthing experience naturally.

KM wanting to give natural birth a serious try and took the 12 week Bradley birthing classes to make sure she was well prepared for the task.  She was also aware that if she eventually wanted an epidural, that would be fine too.

I (JoyfulImperfection) felt sure I could give birth naturally if I cared to, but didn't feel compelled to do so.  Once serious discomfort set in, I ordered an epidural.

So no matter where you fall in your approaches to babies or life, we hope you enjoy our blog.

And if you are interested in exploring the much more natural approach to labor and delivery, check out Lindsey's site: Mother Rising Doula Services.

Or if you just want to read about other women's birth experiences from across the spectrum, check this out.  One of my favorite bloggers featured birth stories and the like throughout her pregnancy.

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