Friday, May 28, 2010

Clean v. Green

Have you seen this commercial?

It kind of grossed me out.  Ew.  Then I remembered, I don't do this.  I change out our bathroom hand towel every 1-2 days and use it to wipe down the counter at that point to keep things shiny.

I am a huge fan of these for the kitchen!  I don't buy them at Crate and Barrel because I am too cheap.  I was given a set of 8 by a friend and loved them so, I went out and bought another pack of 8 at the Home Place.  I change out my dishtowels at least once every single day, sometimes twice!

These are highly absorbent and hardy.  They hold up and once in a while you can throw all 16 towels into the wash with a little bleach and they come out brand new.  I think they make the kitchen look more fresh than the towels I have bought over the years with colors or patters that eventually fade.

What do you think of the Kleenex disposable hand towel?  Are you a paper towel hog?  Should we be more concerned about green or clean?

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