Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Confessions of a New Gardner

Did you notice today's blog got a new subtitle?  Confessions of a new gardner, and here goes my first confession and I'm a little embarrassed.

You see, as people have come to my home, I have proudly included my garden as part of the tour.  I have pointed and named each group of plants.  I had a tour to give this weekend that was of particular pride and importance.

Each year my husband's grandfather sends me tomatoes from his super garden when my in-laws come down or brings them to the house when we go up because he knows how I love "real" tomatoes.  So I could not wait to show my garden to my father-in-law this weekend so he could go back and brag about my awesome tomato plants.

As I am pointing out each thing, he reaches down and pulls up one of my precious pepper plants right from the roots!  I was a little stunned, and politely replied that this was a pepper plant.  He gingerly pressed it back into the soil and apologized.  Then, gently told me, "That isn't a pepper plant, it is crab grass."  I explained they came up just where I had planted seeds and he graciously suggested we take the one he already killed and bring it to the nursery so they could determine, and if it's not a pepper plant we could buy some.

So...we came in and I took out my seed packet and looked carefully at the plant picture which looked absolutely nothing like the crab grass growing in my garden.  The crab grass I had carefully thinned, watered and fertilized.  Not to mention weeded around (I'm thinking the 'weeds' I pulled might have been the pepper plants.)  Yep.

So- no worries, I pulled them up and that night my husband and F-I-L bought me a red, green and yellow pepper plant.

Any faux-pas in your new garden?

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  1. I have one!

    So most of my herbs are in pots, but there are a few that I didn't have pots for so I just left them in their little soil pods (see my blog to check out what I mean).

    We don't really need any more basil or peppers, so my husband thought we should just let them die. Well as hard as I tried to let them go, I just couldn't bear to see them wilting and I ended up watering them again!

    The little plants were growing out of their dirt pods (roots coming out the bottom), so I thought it would be a good idea to just take some dirt from around the yard and put it around the herbs to give the roots some more room.

    Needless to say this dirt ended up being MUD when I watered the plants... and now they are all but dead.

    Haha - at least I am finally able to let them go and I now realize the importance of good garden soil :)