Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Confessions of a New Gardner

This week in the garden was super rewarding, look at all the things that have begun producing fruit and blooms?

Cucumbers, these popped up all over the place in just a couple of days!

Zucchini - I actually cut this guy off and ate him with dinner.  Yummy.

I was beginning to think my zinnias would never flower, but here is a little bud.

Cherry tomatoes out the wazoo!  It seems these should be ready soon don't you think?

Lots of big fat tomatoes too.

This week's confession?  I have NO IDEA when to harvest these things.  Especially the cucumbers.  I bought little plants, don't even know what kind of cucumber they are.  They might be little 3 inch cukes, or 18 inch.  Guess I'll just pick them at some point and if it tastes terrible, let them keep going.

Either way, isn't this a rewarding endeavor?

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