Monday, May 17, 2010

Picture Perfect

I have more time on the weekends to "browse."  You know, sit in a comfy chair and miander down the metaphorical aisles of Flickr or Etsy or read a magazine cover to cover without feeling too guilty.

As I wandered I came across a very gifted photographer, you should check her out.  So far as I can tell, she is not selling her stuff.  I wish she would.  This was my favorite and I want it to hang on my wall with 3 others.  Not sure where I'd have it printed because I love the effect she has given it with rough edges and imperfections like a really old piece.

I also found this in the May issue of Southern Living.  These pictures are arranged as equal sized photo copies.  I love that some are perfectly cropped, some have white space and some (like the sailboat in the middle) are a single print split among multiple frames.

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