Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Summer BBQ

Have you taken the time to read the June issue of Martha Stewart Living yet?  It is all about food, food, food!  My husband came to bed at midnight or so and I was sitting up in bed salivating over page after page.

Spending the large majority of my life in Florida, I am perplexed EVERY YEAR when I receive summer magazines that say it is time to start grilling.  In my mind, grilling is a Jan-April activity.  The idea of doing anything outdoors in 100 degree weather and 100% humidity sounds pretty miserable.  Then you add the task of standing over a fiery grill and face it, you are describing a scene from Dante's Inferno.

But with pictures like these, even I might brave the grill this summer...or at least ask my husband to do so!

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