Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday confessions and a heart attack

I know it's not Tuesday, but I just had to show you what came out of my garden and will be on my table for dinner.  Exciting isn't it?  Can't wait until there are fresh tomatoes to make a cucumber tomato salad.  For tonight I'll use the store bought variety.  The basil is for pesto to be served with sauteed mushrooms and cheese like quesadillas.  The zucchini for sauteed zucchini with onion.

While I was out there I saw this in my flower bed, nearly gave me a heart attack as I grabbed my two year old and threw him over my shoulder.
Then I realized it was just a skin.  We thought maybe this guy had vacated the property since we hadn't seen him this spring.  I don't mind him as a neighbor, he quickly scurries away when we open the door and he eats rodents (maybe he'll deal with our mole problem?)  But still, gives me a fright when I'm not looking for him.  This was after I pulled it out.

And a confession for good measure: I learned from Southern Living yesterday what it means for a plant to "bolt."  The nursery lady told me it was too late to plant lettuce or it would bolt.  I seriously just figured that meant the root system would pop out of the ground, bolting away from it.  Apparently not.  When a plant like lettuce or basil begins to flower, it is called bolting, and it means the leaves will toughen and not longer be good for eating.

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