Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holiday Weekend

Sorry folks, the 3 day weekend turned into a 5.  Rolled in to my driveway yesterday after nothing at all going to plan - but that's life isn't it?

I thought I'd update you on the garden since we missed Tuesday.

Something large decided to lay down in my zucchini patch, crushing and partially uprooting all 3 plants.



I was hoping the plant would correct itself but I got one zucchini all week instead of the 1+ a day I was harvesting before.  Bummer.

Tomatoes are a mixed bag.  On the up side, they are ripening!  On the down, about 1 out of 3 is rotting or being eaten by worms.  My grandfather-in-law, the long time gardener, told me to pick them as soon as they start to turn color and let them ripen in the window instead of on the vine, so I will try that.

Do you remember what bolting is?  Well my cilantro is case in point.  It is a colder weather herb and it got too hot so it flowered before I ever got to taste it.  One of my basil plants started flowering as well so I pulled it and cut a LOT off the other plants to help prevent them from following suit too quickly.

Like I said before, I'm learning a lot in my first little garden.

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