Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm becoming a junkie...again

I have gone almost 2 years without watching the HGTV channel or DIY network.  This wasn't some strange media fast or the like, just a natural phase that comes after remodeling every room.

Well I am back.  I have found myself scanning as many design blogs as I can find and constantly clicking "Save Image As" to add ideas to my portfolio.  I feel like looking at other's spaces helps me develop my own vision.

I like the decorating in my house for the most part but seeing this picture in a magazine helped me realize where I have gone wrong.

I have not done any real planning in my decorating beyond finding a fabric I like and trying to fill up walls and spaces with things that have similar colors.

We are getting ready to move and I feel like new rooms give me a blank canvas to work with.  My goal is to plan what I want the overall rooms to each look like instead of just getting them finished as quickly as possible.  Have you tried this?

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