Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dining Table

I have been diligently searching craigslist every day for a dining room table. Our old house only had a breakfast area and the new house has both.

I almost gave in a couple of times and bought tables that would have worked.  SO GLAD I DIDN'T!

I am super psyched about this table.  Found it at A Classy Flea.  This seems like a good time for a tangent.  Can I just say, I LOVE that metro Atlanta has 10,000X the shopping that Tallahassee does!!!!  Loving all the selection and lower prices :-D

Back to the point, I walked by this table three times thinking I love the shape and the lines, but, well, you'll see.

So I offered the vendor $100 less than she was asking, got the table, 4 leaves, 6 chairs for $330.

Now comes paint for the table (should I go black or grey?), glaze on the white chairs and new fabric.

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