Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nursery Project #1

Over the next few posts, I want to share with you a few of the things I made for my daughter's nursery and then I will post pictures of the whole thing, all put together. First up: some wall decor!

Here is what I wanted framed:

It's my Halloween costume from when I was three that my mom made for me. I thought it would be cute framed in the nursery. My mom took it and had it cleaned for me at a drycleaners that specializes in handling delicate, older pieces with care. Once I got it back, it was good as new. I used brown kraft paper (I have a huge roll and love it for wrapping presents and all kinds of projects) as the background because that is what I had on hand, but I think using a gray or pale beiege wrapping paper or wall paper would be really pretty too. Again - I just used what I had on hand.

In picking out the frame, I just guessed at the size I thought I would need. This is just a regular poster frame, not a shadowbox (which you know I do love!). I knew a regular frame would work to keep the whole thing pressed against the glass and flat. I used double-sided tape to afix the straps to the brown paper and it's still holding it in place, several months later.

To assemble, I first cut my kraft paper to the proper size. Next, I put the kraft paper on top of the frame backing and then laid the tutu/leotard on top and got it arranged how I wanted (this is when I used the tape). Finally, I put the glass and frame on top of that and pressed the whole thing together, flipping it over and secured the back and frame together.

Ta da! I think this is so sweet for a nursery and special since it is something from my childhood. More projects to come!

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