Monday, August 9, 2010

Project Quilt Update

So, after watching Project Runway* and feeling like a major loser because they can make an entire outfit in five hours, I got to work on my quilt. First I ironed each strip (22 in all) and then set to work cutting them into smaller pieces, also called "bricks." I cut each strip into four equal-sized bricks. Most of the strips were approximately 44" long, so each brick was therefore about 11". However, some strips were a little bit longer or shorter so I think having strips that vary in size - even if only slightly - will add to the eclectic-ness of the entire quilt.

I have found that I am not great at cutting straight lines, so this became a huge help:

Here are my cut out bricks:

I arranged them by color and pattern - there's a blue/green floral and pink/purple floral section on the left side and then I noticed that some of the strips were the same pattern but different colors, so I grouped those together on the right side. Then there were some that didn't fit into a category at all. I separated them like this so that once I start assembling my quilt, I get a nice variety of color and pattern throughout.

Next up: my bricks all laid out!

*I'm enjoyng the new season so far, but I don't have a favorite designer yet - mostly just some I'm ready to see go home! I'm very impressed, though, that Gretchen has won two challenges in a row! Also, I like that the episodes are 1.5 hours long now and we get to see more into the designers' lives and interactions with each other. However, this is funny to me because it seems like a very Lifetime Channel thing to do, you know?

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