Monday, August 23, 2010

Project Quilt Update

After getting all my bricks cut, I began the process of laying them out on the queen-sized bed in my guest room. This was the biggest space I had to lay them out that wasn't in a high-traffic area (like somewhere on the floor in the kitchen/living room). My husband pointed out, though, that maybe I should have taken the multi-colored quilt off the bed before laying everything out to really give me a sense of how all the colors would look together. Yeah, that would have made more sense. Oh is how we're looking right now:

I'm pleased with how all the colors are going together and, even though they don't match perfectly, I feel like there's still some harmony between all of them. Laying them out was a lot of fun, too. I feel like if I had it to do again, I would probably get something completely different than what I have now, which is kind of fun.

Also - whoa. This quilt looks huge! This is laid out across a queen bed. I know it will "shrink" some with seam allowances adding up, but still - it's going to be a decent-sized throw. You can also see that I had a few bricks left over. I will save them, of course - I love fabric too much to throw them out!

P.S. The quilt on the bed is from Pottery Barn several years ago, in case you were wondering. I now appreciate it so much more, now that I understand the time and labor that goes into making a quilt!

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