Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas Greetings...already?

I am suddenly aware of the urgent need to get my Christmas card plans in order. Already you ask? Well first we'll start with my confession- we moved in July and I never sent moving announcements, not so much as an email. So I figure, if I want to receive any Christmas cards myself, I had better get some out so people have our new address.

So here is the question...what kind of card do you enjoy getting?

I have cute little monkeys, so it's tempting to me to do the typical photo card to show them off. I found this etsy store where you can have her design your card for $15 and then print them yourselves through a local shop.

Aren't these beautiful?

Of course, then we have to get some pictures done!

Generally though, I prefer a card with room for a note. I also recognize that if I commit myself to writing in every card, they will likely still be sitting on my counter in February.

What do you think about the update letters people send? I did an email version one year at the new year with pictures and a few updates since I missed Christmas cards altogether. But...I never know how they are received. Some people seem to love them because they are more than just a picture, some seem to feel like they are an ego trip. Would love your thoughts.

Any pretty paper shops you are looking at for your cards?

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  1. personally, I like the update letters to hear about how ppl are doing. The fact is that most people in our transient culture have loved ones scattered in far away places. Even though it's hard to regularly keep in touch one-on-one, it's nice to still hear a little about people's lives.

    I think the 'ego trip' part can also be about HOW you write it, or what you parents do get an update letter every year from a family that's known for being somewhat braggerts by our family...and whom none of us have seen in about 15 years. But they're not all like that.

    also, I may be biased because we are often sending out mass updates, so I'd like to think it is not too annoying. ;)