Thursday, December 9, 2010

Window Solution

I am so thrilled to have solved some major light problems in our house for cheap cheap cheap!

We have just moved our daughter's bedroom because her former room was too cold due to being over the garage. The new room has high ceilings and a pretty window arch.

Pretty? Yes. Problematic? Yes. I did not want to pay for a custom wood blind to fit so I have been trying to come up with a DIY solution...PVC, fabric, maybe?

Then I found Readi-Shade. Got it for $17 on Amazon, though it's available at Macy's or Bed Bath and Beyond for around $25. A paper fan shade with peel and stick strips. Just cut with a blade and stick. It was cake, and look! Not too bead for seventeen bucks.

FAR MORE problematic are the two-story windows in our living room. We thought they seemed nice, let in lots of light. That they do. So much light in fact they are bleaching out my couch, make our living room uninhabitable several hours a day and heating my house up to the point mid-day that I have opened windows when it is 40 degrees out to cool the place off.

Ideally, I'd like motorized blinds, but they run about a grand a window. I just ordered a 6-pack of Redi-Shades that will fit for $25. Feeling very excited to see the result for such a minimal price!

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