Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goals: Home

First, I have to say we are still in the midst of some renovations. This is a bit aggravating but more manageable now that I have some clear lists for what to do next.

However, I am tired of just fixing stuff, I am ready to be inspired. Do you know what I mean? I want to have rooms I just love. This house has lots of blank walls and unfilled spaces and I don't have the desire (or budget for that matter) to just go shopping and fill it up.

PS- This means lots of fun decorating posts this year. They are my favorite. Your's too?

So two goals:

1- I am giving myself a modest cash budget every month. I am ready to get back to garage sales, thrift stores and whatever else I find to look for treasures that I will love. The Nester has inspired me. Take a look at what she has done!

2- My master bedroom. There are rooms that would make a bigger impact, (the kitchen comes to mind, can we say $ $ $?) but I am tired of having a room I am ho-hum about. Your master bedroom should be your refuge.

Maybe I'm just excited about the prospect of soon having the construction zone out of our room when the bathroom is done and the office furniture moved into the basement.

We got a good deal on our bedroom furniture and have always leaned towards the shaker style, but we don't love it in our master. We need more flare. So there. Hoping to find some great pieces to paint, and put together a board to inspire me!

These are pretty, but haven't found the inspiration yet. All photos from galleries.

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