Friday, January 14, 2011

Goals: Open up and take it easy

So we end the week of goals with this one, the hardest and easiest. It comes to this, loosen up lady! That is self-directed of course. It's time to make a fool.

Well, I hope not a fool exactly, but I'm counting on it and deciding it's ok if that is the result.

We have lived here 6 months and I have tried meagerly to meet my neighbors. You know the ways, a wave, Christmas cookies, etc.

But now I'm bringing out the big guns. You may laugh at my master plan, please do, I'm learning to laugh at myself. Do I strike you as more Mr. Rogers or Big Bird - female versions of course...

Step 1- Will you be my neighbor? Inviting the next-doors folks for dinner, before March.

Step 2- Garage sale outreach. I need to have one anyhow, so I'm inviting the whole hood. More traffic for everyone and it gives me a lame way to go door to door and meet people face to face.

Step 3- I'm totally starting a book club, and I'm inviting my whole neighborhood by flyer. That's right, by flyer! And if no one responds, and people drive past and point, I am going to be okay with me.

Link your goals, we'd love to see your blog too!

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