Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year Redecorating

I have been moving things around like a crazy woman...didn't I promise I would? Good news is, so far I haven't purchased a thing.

I wanted to give you a peek at my new mantle arrangement.
A few things motivated this:

1- I was looking at it before the re-arrange and remarked to my husband that it was the one part of the room I was happy with. The look on his face suggested he didn't agree. He told me he liked cooler colors better than the reds.

2- I started looking at pictures in blogland and my idea book. I generally lean toward the cooler colors and a more eclectic style.

3- I decided I am really tired of balanced symmetry. I prefer layering and a variety of heights and textures. I seem to always try to balance things and group in 3's because they are hard fast rules I can follow. It takes a little more trust of my instincts to move things around until they "feel" right.

What do you think? I kept the pieces I loved like the elephant an the globe. I especially like that nothing is attached to the wall which gives me a lot more freedom to rearrange for seasons and as the mood strikes me.

Maybe later this week I'll show you what I DIYed with those candles that used to hang on either side.

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