Monday, January 10, 2011


The blog needs some SERIOUS re-design. Not to mention posts. But not today. Because today I am sitting idly at my window gazing at the snow. 6-8 inches I might add, and that in GA!

What I love about a thick blanket of snow.

1- Everything glows just a little bit blue.
2- In GA there are no snow plows. No snow shovels for that matter. So when it snows, noone goes anywhere. Schools close, stores close, roads close. We just sit in the undisturbed quiet. No slushy black stuff, no work. Just soft white snow.
3- The sweet southern blue birds that land on our play set and puff themselves up to feel warm.
4- I feel absolutely no guilt for spending my day sitting, looking and drinking hot coffee.

I know I'm probably getting set up for many winters of disappointment, but this Florida raised girl is loving her first winter in Georgia, the white Christmas and January snows.

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