Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kitchen Risk

My husband went out of town for 36 hours. He should know better, crazy things happen when I'm home alone.

Do you remember my yellow, gold and more yellow kitchen? Here's some friendly reminders I snapped before we bought the place.

We've gone around and around on what to do with this room and when...obviously new paint, new countertops, new backsplash. The big question has been paint or replace the cabinets (in other words, $200 or $20,000.)

Well the gold had to go, so I picked a color and painted blue. We are changing our whole pallet in the household to cooler colors.

The good news? We both love the color. The bad news? It made the backsplash and cabinets look EVEN WORSE. But them came some more good news. I have been trying to convince my husband to let me mock up a couple of cabinet doors. The risk of course being, if we didn't like it, we couldn't un-paint. The new look was bad enough he told me to go for it!

I tried a white.

I tried a distressed black.

Black was a win! All votes fell to its favor.

Then I think the "take a risk" bug took on its own passion and I did something I shouldn't have. I thought...let's just see if I can chip up this tile. As it turns out, I can't. And the backsplash is not in our budget or plans for a few more months.

So I'm sure I can stick something in there to cover it for a while. I'll let you know when we get this thing rolling!