Thursday, August 18, 2011

A little girl party

My sweet girl turned 2 this month. Unlike my son, she is not obsessed with any particular theme that I could build a party around, but oh how she loves pink. This turned into the most gender stereotyped party one could ask for which is not like me but…it wasn't about me now was it? It was all about her and she really enjoyed it.

I set up the room a couple of days early so I could focus on food the day before. She came down in the morning, saw the dining room and shouted: "Happy birthday me!" It was super sweet.

Here is what she saw:

My sister used these white poofy balls in her wedding (which was gorgeous!) And I was free to take as many as I wanted. She got them at Michael's, they are a DIY Martha Stewart kit I believe. I plan to re-use them in little girl's room, but I will show you that later.

I also took down my drapes and clipped some pink fabric up as a birthday party window treatment.

I ended up moving the pink bags to the drink station and filled them with popcorn. It was perfect as it gave the kiddos something to eat before cupcake time. I considered several different cup options for the kiddos but couldn't bring myself to spend much cash, so I ended up buying Publix 8oz. water bottles, puncturing the tops with a phillips head screwdriver and hammer, wrapping them in scrapbook paper I had on hand and refilling them with pink lemonade. Just add straws! Grown ups could choose from strawberry ginger ale or pink lemonade.

Then came out the pink treats. I made this recipe for Lemon Pound Cake Cupcakes with Blackberry and Raspberry Buttercream Icing. They were certainly some work, but…VERY YUMMY. I was definitely glad my MIL lent me her standing mixer! I also made Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes with a plain buttercream icing and the kids loved them.

I also wanted to make cake pops because they are just too cute and all the rage, but I took a tip and used doughnuts instead. I bought the Entenmann's chocolate frosted holes, melted pink candy chocolate squares from the craft store, added a little peppermint extract, placed them on candy sticks and started dipping. I should warn you, it thickens. I am told you can add shortening to think it out, but I didn't have any. I should also warn you that you will at some point want to reach out your finger to help smooth the molten chocolate onto your cake pop, then you will scream and run to the sink to soothe your scalding finger. Just sayin'.

I added a cheese plate and fruit bowl to round out the sweet treats for all the grown ups. I was pleased and my little one knew it was all for her which made me a happy mama.

So here is to my sweet girl and making her feel special on her special day.