Saturday, February 4, 2012

25 Things

1- I am itching to get down to Ikea and West Elm in Atlanta but I will not bring the kids and can't make the trip during the 3 hours they are in preschool- not sure I see a solution in the near future.

2- I turned 29 this week and can't remember feeling so content at any birthday. God is good, my family is good, life is good. I am thankful.

3- I made a killer to-do list recently with week, month and year to-dos. It fell out of my purse at Cheeseburger Bobby's (along with my Kindle.) They kept my kindle but not my list. I feel really lost in the world.

4- I love homemade soup and have made a weekly pot for the last couple of months. Enchilada soup, italian soup, veggie soup and so on. Leftovers are grand.

5- I got my first dutch oven for Christmas, Paula Deen in lovely turquoise. Everything really does taste better cooked in enamel coated cast iron.

6- I would hate having open shelving as a primary form of kitchen storage but I wish I had a small section of it to justify buying pretty kitchen items like the owl measuring cups from West Elm or the Anthropologie bowls and glass colander.

7- Somehow I got away from menu planning when we moved a year and a half ago. Last week I planned a menu. It changed everything about my week for the better.

8- I love my new kitchen. I know I should not be so affected by something as trivial as surroundings but my downstairs is a happier place.

9- I shut the door to my bedroom always and have almost given up making the bed. It is a not a pretty well planned space. I need a master plan and a budget to put it into action. Shouldn't your bedroom be a place of refuge?

10- Speaking of Kindles, got mine for Christmas and love it. I have yet to buy a book. Reading all the freebies and currently working through the writings of Martin Luther (the reformer, not King Jr.) He is brilliant and encourages my soul.

11- It feels like spring, which is lovely, but I really would love one good snow.

12- I finally finally got a pair of brown riding boots for my birthday. I have wanted a pair for at least 3 years. Now I need skinny jeans to tuck in. My husband thinks the whole thing is lunacy.

13- My husband might be the most amazing man alive. He has been more than fabulous this week from buying me boots he finds absurd to caring for our little brood and house while I attended to family business and other responsibilities. Trying to find a way to thank him aptly (it will probably have to be something beyond posting material ;))

14- I told my son he was looking so big and he responded he wasn't a baby anymore. Then he followed it up with "But mom, you can still call me your baby boy if you want. I don't want you to be sad."

15- I had my first baby itch a few months ago. Then it went away. We're all good for now.

16- I want flourless chocolate cake. Can someone please make me flourless chocolate cake?

17- I started a women's Bible study a couple weeks ago for the first time in a very long time. Did you know your soul can be thirsty for time with other women? Very thankful.

18- I loved my garden 2 years ago. We skipped it last year having just moved. Not sure I have it in me this year to make it happen.

19- I went out to breakfast with my husband this morning. I never realized how great a luxury breakfast out would be once I had children.

20- I am an open window junkie. You probably shouldn't come to my house if you have severe outdoor allergies. I even open them in the chillier parts of winter if it gets anywhere near warm in the afternoon.

21- I really want to go to the local BYOB and paint place in our town. I'm no artists but this sounds like a blast.

22- I have a small obsession with birds- have I shared this with you before? My husband says he's going to start vetoing decorative birds so I need to choose carefully.

23- I have a pillar bird piece I picked up a TJMaxx hiding in my trunk. I plan to keep it there until spring decorating and then say "No I didn't buy another bird. I've had this for a long time." Which will be true by that time. Is this a problem?

24- Valentine's Day is in a week. I have no plan. My son's birthday is in 2 weeks. I have no plan. I feel like maybe I should work on making plans.

25- My husband and I spend our dates drawing house plans on napkins and looking at old houses. I hope someday we can build.

Your turn. 25 is harder than you think, glad I didn't go for a commemorative birthday 29. Link back in the comments if you dare.


  1. Wow, it sucks that you lost your mondo-to do list. I do a daily to-do list. It pretty much says the same thing every day. I've never thought to do one on such a large scale.

  2. I'm an "open window girl", too! I can't stand socks, but I'll put them on just so I can open my office window when it's 45 degrees outside. And the bird in the trunk thing, I do that all the time!