Thursday, April 19, 2012

An apology and motor dog

First, I haven't blogged in forever because
A. I have been super busy
B. I am a blogger loser
C. I just haven't felt like it
D. I lost the battery charger to my Nikon

Okay, okay, the answer is probably all of the above- but in good news, the camera issue is solved. I should have ordered a replacement from china on eBay 2 months ago for $9. How much are we betting I will find the old one in an obvious place now that I have a replacement?

So in the coming week or two, I do promise a few pictures of house updates, decorating, etc. I have been working on. And I have a couple of projects in my future to share as well!

And now because every blog post should have a picture, and because we bought a motorcycle recently, I give you Motor Dog.

I recognize the picture quality and composition are terrible, but to be fair I took this with a blackberry from a moving vehicle that I happened to be driving. Disclaimer: Do not attempt, trained blogger. You see, I was leaving lunch at a bagel shop and spotted this man riding with his dog perched on the front of his motorcycle with a special harness and goggles and I was so hysterically amused I followed him for several blocks. I arrived late back to work as it was in the opposite direction from my office. Apparently having a tail really ticked off Motor Dog's chauffeur. He eventually managed to lose me. I'm not sure if it was the picture taking or pointing and laughing that did it. Surely I was not the first.

And with that I leave you. I'll be back tomorrow with why stay at home mamas shower at night…'cause you always wondered.